Crate B2

Crate B2 technical details:

External dimensions (LxWxH mm) 300 x 400 x 170
Internal dimensions (LxWxH mm) 285 x 380 x 144
Design Load max 10 kg
Nestability 60%
Weight kg 0,81
Amount on 2 meter high pallet
Empty and nested 216
Full and stacked 96
Specifically designed for dairy packages 95mm diameter cups: 12 pcs.
450ml, 500ml purepacks: 15 pcs.
Also suitable for packages Polypacks and other small packaging, Yoghurt, cream, sour cream, cheese, quark, deserts, milk, kefir, etc.
Product categories Dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, other
2 RFID tags Yes
Temperature range – 20 C … + 40 C