Crate system 5+

All Crate System 5+ crates are designed according to the ECR standard (

Click HERE to download the standard.


Unique Design

It does not seem to be possible! So thin, so light and hold´s so many more products than any other competitive solution. We have designed the crates system together with the leading plastic products designers and supply chain experts from UK and Scandinavia. The challenge was to design crates according to the most critical products in the market – Dairy products. Therefore we made exhaustive analyse together with major Dairy producers, retailers and other supply chain members.

It was born just like we imagined.

Durable construction

All of our crates are manufactured out of durable, recyclable plastic. They are constructed for use over and over again on very hard conditions without affecting the quality. Special bottom for conveyor, strong corners and innovative bale arm system.

It´s made to last.


Cross stackable

They all stack together as you like or as you need. Maximize transport efficiency and minimise your “air” transport. As it has the biggest internal volume in the market and you can cross stack them together it is possible to build up pallets with maximum height and get up to 200% efficiency when delivering products.

Inspired by Lego.


Save up to 65% space when empty and nested!

It mean less pallets, less truck´s on the road, less loadings, less stock space, less working hours, … Did we miss something?

More profit.


State of the art technology

All our crates are equipped with 2 RFID labels. Every crate has its own GRAI code programmed on the RFID chip. You can now take your product movement to the next level. Production can tie up produced products with crates at the moment when they are produced and stored. Pick them easily when ordered and send away with only digital waybill. No more papers, no more double counting, less mistakes.

BEPCO is ready to provide complete infrastructure for RFID scanning if it is needed.

The crates are also equipped with bar codes that you can use existing bar code readers or visual inspection.


Suitable for automated handling

The crates have been developed specifically to be handled with different kind of robots and automated lines.