RFID tracking

BEPCO RFID Solution at a Glance


Generation 2 UHF

A proven technology utilized by the world’s largest and most advanced retailers and shippers.


Asset Numbering

BEPCO is the leading asset pooling company to use the EPC GRAI tag ID standard on 100% of its assets. Each RTI has a unique serial number that is tracked through the supply chain. It will be impossible to hide our assets.


Double security

Each BEPCO crate has 2 identical RFID tags internally embedded during the manufacturing process. All tags are “3-way readable”– via RFID, bar code or alphanumerically. Optimum tag placement ensures durability and readability.


Data System

We provide scalable real-time RFID information system, designed from the ground up to provide unprecedented asset visibility and reporting. It is simple to use and tie with your existing systems.


Open Standards

We utilize open standard technology, which ensures both upward and downward compatibility.

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