Bepco overall objective is to offer our customers freedom not to worry about transport packaging. It is available whenever you need it and whereever you need it. You do not have to worry where to buy, how to transport, where to hold overstock, how to wash and clean, what happens when they broke and etc. It is our job, it is our business. We will provide you the best and most efficient solutions.


BEPCO Rental service

Long term rental or short term rental. You tell us, how many and where do you need the crates and we will provide them to you. Its flexible. And when you do not need them anymore you just deliver them back to us.

Rental fee will be paid monthly. It also covers breackage of the crates and RFID based tracking software usage.

Simple as that.


BEPCO full service pooling

We develop and operate an efficient returnable crates system that simplifies and improves our customer logistics and distribution of goods.

Our system works as following:

A – Producer/supplier takes the needed amount of crates from BEPCO distribution centre

You can take the crates by yourself or we can organize the transportation to you. After packing the goods crates will be delivered to wholesale or retail. BEPCO crates are accepted pan Baltic. Bepco crates are accepted by all major retail chains in the Baltic countries – Selver, ETK, Rimi, Maxima, Prisma and IKI.


B – BEPCO will return the crates from retailer

After empting the crates retailer will return the crates to BEPCO.

C – Crates will be prepared for the next trip

BEPCO will wash, repair, sort and stock the crates. Crates are ready to use again.

* System can be slightly different case by case. Depending on client needs.

Concentrate your core business and let us take care of your transport packaging. We make all necessary investments to assets, take care of washing, tracking, logistics and other needed activities to provide you the right amount, right size of tare at the right moment.


Our System Benefits

  1. Transform your transport packaging costs from fixed into variable. Moving together with sales it is better to estimate and fund it. With our trip based fee it is transparent and simple.
  2. Reduce space and CAPEX.
  3. No need to keep overstock.
  4. Producers can divest their washing plants. Bepco will offer central washing services for all our clients in countries we are present.
  5. No lost assets. With Bepco crates your loss % is zero. Our business is to track and trace the assets and make sure that it is not used illegally. Bepco crates are equipped with RFID tags and we are not selling our pooling items.
  6. Bepco universal standard crates are designed for all category products. Bepco crates are accepted pan Baltic by all major retail chains – Maxima, Rimi, Selver, ETK, IKI, Prisma and other retail outlets.
  7. Our crates are all volume reducible up to 65% when empty.
  8. All the crates are cross – stackable. It gives you opportunity to exploit maximum space when delivering products in supply chain.
  9. Less packaging materials. Less carton packages, less stretch film and no need for metal roller cages.
  10. No product damages.
  11. Less transport leads to less consumed fuel, less packaging materials leads to less waste. Be environmentally responsible, reduce your ecological footstep.