BEPCO Returnable Transport Items (RTI)

  • Can be used up to 150 trips
  • 100% recyclable
  • Damaged RTI´s will be granulated and new RTI´s will manufactured

In study “The sustainability of packaging systems for fruit and vegetable transport in Europe based on life-cycle-analysis Update 2009”, published in February 2009 by Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg, highlighted various environmental advantages in using RTI`s in comparison to cardboard.

RTI´s are ecologically superior compared to traditional one way packaging:

  • 53% lower greenhouse emissions potential
  • 38% lower ozone depletion potential
  • 51% lower summer smog potential
  • 72% lower acidification potential (contribution to acid rain)
  • 81% lower eutrophication (contribution to over-fertilization)

A recent study, entitled “Life Cycle Inventory of Reusable Plastic Containers and Display-Ready Corrugated Containers Used for Fresh Produce Applications”, was conducted by Franklin and Associates, a recognized leader worldwide in the development of LCI (life cycle inventory) data.

Key Findings:

  • Reduce solid waste by 95%
  • Require 29% less total energy

Our RTI´s make prudent and sparing use of natural resources and represent an efficient contribution to the protection of our environment. In opting for our products, customers are also making a valuable contribution to environmental protection, while at the same time eliminating disposal costs.