Advantages for Producer

Economic advantages

  • One-off rental fee per use
  • Low provision of stock, short-term ordering as required
  • Low capital tie-up, no investment risk
  • Significant reduction of damage to goods in storage and transportation

Application advantages

  • Accepted standard packaging of Baltic leading retailers
  • 5+2 different RTI types suitable for all category different products
  • Efficient storage (128 to 328 crates per pallet)
  • Efficient returning from DC. Volume reducibility up to 65%.
  • Simple manual or mechanical set-up
  • Easy and safe stacking
  • RFID enables product tracking and supply chain transparency

Advantages for goods

  • Open side structure means reduced energy for cooling and guarantees freshness in storage and transportation
  • Optimum protection of products in transportation by means of stable structure and rounded inner edges
  • Hygienically perfect crates through cleaning after every cycle

Advantages for Retail

Advantages in goods procurement

  • Optimum transport packaging that guarantees maximum freshness and quality of the goods across all stages of the supply chain
  • Significant reduction of damage to goods in transportation and storage
  • Availability throughout Baltic countries
  • 5+2 different crate types, which can cover the entire range of delivered goods

Advantages in goods logistics

  • Standard packaging with the basic dimensions 60×80 cm, 60 x 40 cm and 30 x 40 cm
  • Compatible with all current pallets (Europallets, ISO pallets, dollies)
  • All RTI types are mutually compatible and cross-stackable
  • Optimum stacking properties for segregated and mixed dispatch units
  • Highly suited to the use of automatic storage systems
  • High level of transportation safety in loader and truck transportation
  • Good ergonomics for manual handling

Advantages in sales

  • Enhances sales through outstanding display properties
  • Usable for chilled and humidified display counters
  • Fast and easy exchange of empty crates takes less time and reduces staff costs
  • No teared carton boxes, dust and waste disposal

Advantages in removal

  • Fast, space-saving removal through simple nesting of the empty crates
  • Protection of the environment and natural resources through multiple reuse

Economic advantages in the Baltics using ECR unified standard crates system

  • Significant reduction of damage to goods in storage and transportation
  • Reduction of staff costs through improved handling
  • Reduced costs for warehousing
  • Reduced costs for transportation
  • No costs for waste disposal

Leads to …

  • 20 000 000 less drived km
  • 6 000 000 less consumed fuel
  • 700 000 less wooden pallets
  • 7 000 t less carton vaste

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