Manufacturer benefits



Controlled Supply Chain

No “black market” and waste from getting in and out of the circle. We do not sell our crates and make sure that they are not used illegally. All boxes are also equipped with RFID tags.
Customer portal to monitor your packaging in different locations.

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After each use, we ensure the microbiological cleanliness of the boxes according to the required standard. By keeping food supply chains clean, we reduce the risk of viruses and bacteria spreading. Our automated tunnel washers can wash millions of packages per month. This way we can offer low price and high quality.


Less product damage

Ensuring that your products fit properly both into the crates and on the pallets is one of the ways you can prevent damage to your shipment. With us, your chances of sustaining any product damage are lowered significantly.



The whole chain wins

Pooling service helps to optimize the food industry supply chain for producers, retailers and consumers alike.


Lower delivery costs

All the crates are cross – stackable. Exploit maximum space when delivering products in supply chain. We use as much of the existing freight routes as possible to make a minimum of empty journeys throughout the market. The bigger our network, the better we can do it.


Stress-free seasonal and campaign fluctuations

Is your demand bound to change from month to month and season to season? Keep your facility flexible during both low and busy season.



Automated production and warehouse

Standardized reusable packaging enables automation of production and warehouse management. There are successful examples from many of our clients.


RFID Solution

All our packages have RFID stickers with a printed barcode. This will make the whole supply chain more traceable and completely paperless in the future.