About us

BEPCO has a mission to develop universal and efficient returnable transport packaging system which can be used to deliver all category products from producer to a store. There are no reasons why one type of crate cannot be used with all category products.

We believe that less different types of universal crates and reuse, instead of single use, is one of the keys when decreasing packaging waste, reducing environmental impact and improving efficiency.

Our offer is simple, we develop circular systems based on universal crates, pallets or dollies that provide an efficiency for all supply chain members, from producer to wholesaler and finally to consumers in the stores.

When building the company we were convinced that there is a need for a common system with one coordinating company. Our aim is to provide complete system to handle all products movements – RTI´s (returnable transport item) rental, returning transport, washing, sorting, stocking, repairing and asset management. Through the system we enable for all users to use the same crates and pallets over the borders of the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

We are ready to provide our services to our clients wherever they trade.

BEPCO has gone even beyond. To add up the efficiency Bepco is developing Pan Baltic RFID infrastructure that gives to all supply chain members loads of new opportunities how to improve their product tracing. The system shows that it is possible to combine high delivery precision with a big amount of data collected at the same time.

BEPCO has a mission to develop universal and efficient returnable transport items system

Our motive is, and has been since the beginning, to create a simple and universal system that gives maximum efficiency to all supply chain members.

Start to increase your profit and decrease environmental footstep already today!