Wash process of BEPCO RPCs: maintaining strict global standards to ensure food safety

To our customers, food safety is paramount. So, at BEPCO, we require all our wash facilities to follow our strict global standards. BEPCO knows that food safety is just as important to our customers as freshness and quality. That’s why we adhere to strictly enforced standards of global hygiene and sanitation in our wash facilities.

Rigorous cleaning processes, continuously improved

After each use, BEPCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) are collected and sent to one of our wash centers. There, BEPCO RPCs are cleaned according to the highest food safety standards and strictly enforced global hygiene and sanitization standards. Our RPCs are prewashed, washed, rinsed and sanitized with disinfectant before they are sent into the field again.

BEPCO uses the same washing and drying processes worldwide. Our cleaning, wash and sanitation process is designed to remove any organic material on the surfaces.

During the cleaning process, BEPCO RPCs are sent through high-pressure wash machines that use caustic detergents and environmentally-approved sanitizers designed specifically for tunnel wash machines. Then RPCs go through a rinse using disinfectant and fresh water rinse. The system utilizes an ideal combination of detergent and disinfectant, water temperature, high flow spray and wash time to achieve optimal results.

How do we ensure the hygiene of BEPCO RPCs?

Our SmartCycle cleaning process means you can be confident that every IFCO RPC you use meets our strict global standards for hygiene. The antimicrobial used in our wash process reduces to safe levels or eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeast and molds.

Based on our wash process, our global sanitation partner has provided a guarantee that our RPCs are safe for reuse. In addition, our highly automated wash processes are monitored and subject to continuous improvement and validation by BEPCO and independent third-party food safety experts, to ensure they are as thorough and effective as possible.

Our global sanitation partner has provided BEPCO with a guarantee saying that RPCs cleaned and disinfected in the recommended manner are compliant with applicable national and international regulation and any local regulations that might apply and that the residue levels of microorganisms, toxic substances, and other impurities will be compliant with maximum levels established in the applicable regulations in the country of operation.

BEPCO service centers use standardized highly efficient detergents and disinfectants to ensure the hygiene of BEPCO RPCs washed through our validated cleaning and sanitation program.

Additionally, the use of RPCs properly cleaned and disinfected will not result in microbial contamination or the transfer of toxic substances or other impurities (such as pesticide residues) from the IFCO containers to the products they contain.