Use Bepco returnable packaging service for your products delivery and avoid packaging waste!

The Standard for your Returnable Transport Packaging!

Smart circular service model makes packaging live forever!

It is simple! Order as many plastic crates and pallets as you need, send them to your clients and forget about them. We will do the rest. And if it breaks, we will make sure that it will become a new crate or pallet. No plastic wasted.

Our Intelligent Reusable packages with RFID

We have special advantage – our crates are suitable for dairy products! Therefore perfect solution to solve all supply with one standard.
Producers and retailers can easily automate their supply chains and production with one common solution. No hassle with loads of different packages.





Fruits & vegetables


Faster in-store replenishment

You can put our crates directly on the shelve or take products out, either way its faster than open a one way disposable packaging and disposing it.
The One!

Standard for all categories

There are no real reason for multiple different type or colour of transport packages. One for all will do the job. Its ultimate efficiency for all.

More space!

Our users feedback shows that Bepco crate system can help to reduce transport, loadings and space up to two times.

Less product damage

Nestable crates durable. And these are much easier to handle in production and logistics compared to foldable crates.

Less returning transport

Crates are nestable when empty.
Excellent hygiene

Healthy food products.

We use plastic that is tested and allowed to be contact with food products. All our crates are cleaned after every cycle according to the standard.
The largest special dairy crates pool in the world.

We started in 2010 with cross border activities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Since 2019 we started expansion to all CEE countries.

Trusted by the top retailers