About us

We are Bepco


We deliver high-quality pooling services to a growing customer base.


In 10 years we have built up a strong reputation with both producers and retailers.


We started in 2010 with cross border activities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Since 2019 we also operate in Poland, Slovakia, Czechia and Bulgaria.


Our universal and efficient returnable transport system can be used to deliver all categories of products from the manufacturer to the store.

We have the largest specialty dairy crates in the world.

Our Story

Once upon a time there were 100+ different types of boxes in the food industry …

Supply chain managers of large manufacturers and retailers saw the need to make transport more efficient.

We came to the market with the principle of a rental and sharing economy and believed that the goals could only be achieved by sharing crates and other equipment between different manufacturers.

We understand supply chains are global, therefore we act as a promoter of standardization of supply chain approaches to achieve long term impact.

In cooperation with our network, we created one agreed crate standard that is used by all Baltic trading partners.

We developed a tracking system, built state-of-the-art central wash plants and ensured that there was sufficient stock of transport items at all times.

Our Vision

We endeavour to achieve collaboration, innovation and impact in a sustainable manner.

We believe that by 2030, one-time packaging in food and retail industry across Europe, will be history.

We encourage, promote and work together with our partners and clients to have a common approach and process on supply chain sustainability throughout the industry.

Paperless future in supply chain is becoming a reality. RFID stickers on crates and unique ID inside barcode are just one aspect of traceability benefits. These features also enable automation of production and warehouse management. We have already seen successful examples from our clients.