Right quantity
right size
at the right time

Returnable transport items as a service

Our full pooling service includes washing, transport, breakage and the use of tracking software

equipment rental

Pooling process


Producer/ Supplier orders needed amount of transport items from the nearest Bepco Service Centre.


Producer/ Supplier delivers products to clients or into other factories. Over the border, to other countries, if needed. We automatically receive electronic data and from this point take full responsibility.


We collect empty items from delivery points, when possible. We deal with losses. We agree balances. We communicate with delivery points if needed.


We wash, we repair, we replace, we move between countries, we keep reserve for high season and guarantee 100% availability of clean products for you at any time.

With the help of our service, the cost of transport packaging becomes managable and optimal variable cost

Pooling advantages


Clear and transparent costs

You don’t have to fund and manage your own pool. No matter what you need: we will find the right pooling solution for you. We provide necessary packaging even during the biggest sales peaks.


High return of Equity

With a rental service, you can direct capital to the development, production and marketing of your products and avoid tying money to non-productive assets such as laundry, boxes, pallets and transport.



To prevent or minimize the spread of any viruses, strict measures are necessary. We wash our crates and pallets in accordance with the requirements of the ISO22000 standard and following the HACCP principles.


One less thing to worry about

It is our responsibility to track all transport items and deal with losses. We prevent black market by not selling the products.

A la carte service models


Only washing…. only rental… only seasonal service…

We pride ourselves on providing a truly flexible service to adapt to your situation. 

Our service strikes a balance between your needs, the service delivery model, and the desired outcome. 

Our tailor-made and flexible service models allow you to loosely bundle the services to meet your needs.